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Data Security and Compliance re-imagined with


With Rixon Technology's cloud-native vaultless tokenization platform, your organization can now truly minimize the risk of data exposure and meet compliance requirements with ease.

Too often, organizations make huge investments in their data security infrastructure and compliance strategy only to find they are still at risk of data breaches, exploits, exposure, and compliance failures.

Rixon Technology is re-imagining effective data security and compliance, look like through unique industry-leading solutions.

Through the implementation of the patented Rixon Technology cloud-native vaultless tokenization platform, learn how your organization can now truly minimize the risk of data exposure and meet compliance requirements with ease.


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Rixon Technology Solution

Vaultless Service

  • Rixon does not store raw data or tokens, and NEVER has access to your organization’s critical information

Format Preserving

  • Implement Rixon’s solution without changing your applications or databases, in any language 


Industry-Leading Speed

  • Sub-second response times, capable of 2.5M+ tokens per second, coupled with 99.9999% up-time

Smart Tokens

  • Fully customize the tokenization process to meet your organizations data security needs

Unlimited Scalability

  • Able to meet the data security needs of any organization, large or small

24/7/365 Global Availability

  • Continuous access from any location, around the world


Why Cloud Comrade

We understand.

We understand that your organization has to be able to innovate and adapt to the constantly changing requirements of today's market. At the same time, you have to meet and comply with Data and Regulatory Mandates.

As an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner we are uniquely qualified and capable to tailor a solution to secure your data no matter which cloud it resides in.

 Cloud Expertise 
  • Cloud Specialists with multiple certifications focusing on Cloud Migration

  • Proven track record since 2014, in deploying and migrating cloud workloads 

  • Cloud security solution built to secure your cloud environment

  • Tailored services to meet your business needs

  • Open and transparent pricing model

  • Service portfolio designed to simplify your cloud adoption journey - Strategy, Design, Deployment and Management

Learn how we can help
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Please fill in your contact details below to learn more on how Rixon Technology can protect your sensitive data, and download your Whitepaper on Security by Design.

Tel: +65-3158-3181
115 Amoy Street #02-00
Singapore 069935
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