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Secure your Identity with
Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Management

Stop attacks in real time with automated detection and remediation.
Enforce granular access controls and respond swiftly to threats with unparalleled visibility across users, devices, apps, and sessions.

Strengthen Security with Intelligent Adaptive Access

Identity and access management is about ensuring that a user’s identity is authenticated to a high degree of assurance and that the user is authorized to access just the right services he or she needs to be productive and efficient.

What is IAM?

Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Management Process

Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Management

Built on cloud with Microsoft Active Directory as the framework, ensure the right people have the right access when you manage your corporate credentials. 

Zero Trust Model 

  • Implements "Deny All until Verified" Approach 

  • Decides whether to Allow access, Verify for more information or block based on AI logic

Multi Factor Authentication

  • Multi-Layer defense ensures safe logins
  • Time-sensitive authentication methods
  • Prompts for MFA during unusual login checks​

Why the need for IAM?

Identity and access management is a critical part of any enterprise security plan, as it is inextricably linked to the security and productivity of organizations in today’s digitally enabled economy.

Compromised user credentials often serve as an entry point into an organization’s network and its information assets. Enterprises use identity management to safeguard their information assets against the rising threats of ransomware, criminal hacking, phishing and other malware attacks.

Cloud Comrade works together with you offering bespoke solutions tailored to your organisational requirements

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Microsoft uses Active Directory as the framework to retains and manages user identities accessing to company resources.

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In many organizations, users sometimes have more access privileges than necessary. A robust IAM system can add an important layer of protection by ensuring a consistent application of user access rules and policies across an organization.

Identity and access management systems can enhance business productivity. The systems’ central management capabilities can reduce the complexity and cost of safeguarding user credentials and access.


At the same time, identity management systems enable workers to be more productive (while staying secure) in a variety of environments, whether they’re working from home, the office, or on the road. 

Why Cloud Comrade

Our Credentials.

As a Microsoft Gold Tier Partner and also the winner of the Rising Star Partner of the Year at the 2020 Microsoft Singapore Partner of the Year Awards, Cloud Comrade help customers tap on Microsoft 365 security technologies to ensure a productive and secure environment.


Together, we enable customers to strengthen authentication, employ conditional access, better protect data, and automate threat protection — all while streamlining customer's security management through a tightly integrated set of tools. 

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Helping your Organisation.

We understand that your organisation has to be able to innovate and adapt to the constantly changing requirements of today's market. At the same time, you have to meet and comply with Data and Regulatory Mandates.

Let our Cloud Specialists help understand your IT Landscape with our comprehensive assessment framework. You don't have to leave the past behind to embrace the future.

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Complementary IAM Consultation
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​1. Customer Input

  • Current IT environment and usecase

  • Current software utilization 

  • Availability/security requirements

​2. 30 Mins Consultation

  • Better understanding of IAM and best practices

  • Current IT Environment analysis and pain points

  • Follow up solutions and remedies

To schedule a complementary IAM Consultation with our cloud specialists, please fill in your contact and details

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