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Recent Events & Activities

5 February 2020 - GoCloud with Cloud Comrade Launch Party at the Google Developer Space. 

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Google Cloud is secure, easy to implement and configure, and outfitted with modern services such as data analytics and containerization.  Cloud migration can also deliver savings by transitioning from a CAPEX to OPEX model. The consistent and predictable costs of cloud services for businesses help avoid budget overruns.

Cloud Comrade teams up with Google Cloud to help organisations transform digitally by building cloud-native microservice architecture and services on Google Cloud.   


Do away with the mundane tasks of managing your physical datacenter and allow your team to focus on business critical tasks. 

Allow Cloud Comrade and Google Cloud to be your trusted advisor and support in your transformation journey.

Watch how Gojek used Google Cloud to scale up its solution to Indonesia’s traffic problem—fast.

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