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Data is your organisation's most valuable asset.

Cloud Comrade leverages Dropsuite as the industry's comprehensive backup and archival solution.  Feel confidence protecting your intellectual property.

Innovating and expanding your business is not easy.
In today's era of Remote Work, common causes for concerns for your IT Landscape are Security, Compliance, Governance.
Some of the reasons like Productivity and Modernisation are why your business adopts new collaborative solutions, which leads to this question :
How do you Secure your Modern Workplace and 
Gain Visibility throughout your entire Enterprise IT Workloads?

Protect your Data

Safeguard your data from Ransomware and malicious activities. Simplify how you manage backup and archival for your organisation's intellectual property with Dropsuite.

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How it works

Backup, archiving and recovery solutions delivered at scale

We understand.

Ransomware protection is becoming the mission-critical focus of IT teams across the globe. We understand that your organization has to innovate and adapt to the constantly changing requirements of today's market. At the same time, you need to meet and Regulatory Compliance Mandates.

With cyberattacks on the rise, it gets difficult to focus on what is most important. Providing value to your clients and growing your organisation.​ It’s no surprise firms are seeking solutions to preserve, protect and if necessary immediately restore data if they should succumb to malicious intents.

Dropsuite as the Gold Medalist and Top Leader in SoftwareReviews - 2020 Email Backup Solutions Data Quadrant

Dropsuite provides cloud-based solutions for regulatory compliance, data security including archiving and data retrieval, plus advanced analytics to uncover hidden data and turn it into actionable insights to improve business processes.


Utilizing state-of-the art cloud platform coupled with military-grade encryption allows you to quickly, securely and safely transport, store, and retrieve your data should you ever need it.

Unlimited Storage - Security and Compliance


  • Automated incremental backup

  • One-click download, restore and migrate

  • No hardware/software required

  • Access backup from any device/location

  • Per-user pricing with unlimited storage

Dropsuite Dashboard.png


  • Archived and tamper-proof email

  • Envelope Journaling

  • Legal hold and audit trail

  • Customizable retention periods

  • Data Protection Officer Tools


  • Lightning-fast search supporting regular expressions

  • Advanced search tools

  • Reusable saved search with email alerts

  • No search limitations or timeouts



  • Data availability and service update >= 99.99%

  • 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit

  • Data centers are FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE-16  compliant

Comprehensive Backup and Archival Solution


With Dropsuite, no agents or proxies are required.

Works with Microsoft 365, G Suite Email, Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint,

Teams and most other IMAP/POP Mail Servers.

Backup Tiered Pricing

Dropsuite Backup Tiered Pricing
Safeguard your Data
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