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Migrating to the cloud?
Get automated, cross-domain security with Microsoft


The digital transformation and the adoption of remote work made companies transfer everything to the online world. Employees are now working from everywhere, from multiple devices, so it’s no longer viable for companies to keep all of their data on in-house computer servers.

That’s why 94% of enterprises are switching to cloud computing. But 86% of businesses are still unprepared to defend against cyber-attacks, and one single breach can cost up to $8.54 million. When companies are migrating data, vulnerabilities can multiply. You need a good defense.


Welcome to Microsoft Defender, a TechData and Cloud Comrade security solution designed specifically for the cloud.

Here’s how Cloud Comrade and Microsoft Defender protects your business:

Detects and stops threats before they even happen - automatically.

Manages and secures all of your vendors within one console.

Gets you the security for what you need with Office 365 E3 & Office 365 E5 security licenses.

Gives you one integrated and secure system to manage all your vendors at once.

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Cloud Comrade is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner. From business strategy and infrastructure management to training and support for your people; Cloud Comrade has all it takes to help you make your move to the Cloud swift, smooth and secure.


Enable a secure remote desktop experience with Azure Virtual Desktop. 

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