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Evolving from Starter to Leader in your IT infrastructure journey with Google and Cloud Comrade

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CLOUD has become the primary location for businesses to store data; most have moved even their applications to cloud platforms, and many of those businesses that have their data on-premise today are soon planning to migrate to the cloud. Companies across industries are modernizing their data platforms to leverage new-age applications and advanced analytics at the same time as they are moving their data to the cloud. Since the cloud is transforming the way IT is being used, IT Executives are constantly faced with new obstacles, and GCP is empowering business leaders across industries to overcome these challenges as one of the fastest-growing public cloud providers in the world. 

In this webinar, we'll cover: 

• What's the driving force behind companies moving   to the cloud

• What is the IT infrastructure journey (4 stages)

• Evolving from starter to leader

• Key Google Cloud Platform Features

• How GCP can help your enterprise by lowering  infrastructure cost, driving business efficiencies,  and  empowering innovation

• How to get started on your cloud journey

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